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I have been working within the substance misuse field for over 11 years. I have project managed both young people's and adult's drug and alcohol services across London. In that time I have seen firsthand the destruction of treatment services due to a constant reduction in funding from the government. This has led to a reduction in education and training taken place by those same treatment services with key stakeholders within the community.

This is where HowzThat1 steps in as I believe that young people should have access to good, quality drugs education. The better informed young people are, the better choices they can make. The same goes for safeguarding training for fellow professionals. 

HowzThat1 delivers fun, interactive drugs education to young people in schools and other youth provisions. Howzthat1 also delivers a very high standard of safeguarding training so that professionals who work with young people have the necessary skills and knowledge to be better equipped in supporting young people around substance misuse, especially those suffering as hidden harm (young people whose lives are affected by their parent's or a family member's substance misuse).


DrugWise which promotes evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco have explained it best with regards to harm reduction.

Harm reduction focuses on ‘safer’ drug use and has also been developed as a way of educating young people about drug use, rather than telling them to ‘Just Say No’.

There have been arguments over the morality of harm reduction. Some people say that it condones or promotes drug use, but people who support it say it is realistic, helps keep drug users safe and respects individual choices and freedoms.

It is my personal opinion that giving young people harm reduction advice whilst discussing the effects and associated risks connected with substance misuse is a much better way to help SAFEGUARD their wellbeing.

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