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Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Alas the Queen has passed on and in the aftermath of her passing, it has caused quite a stir. Why? For various reasons which I will look into a couple in a bit but regardless whether you are a fan of the royal family or a staunch compatriot of queen and country or totally against them, there is no room for the amount of disrespect that I have read and seen on numerous social media platforms.

I think it is worth stating that I too, do not believe in the royal family as personally I do not see the need for them and never saw her as my queen. That said, I acknowledge the fact that to many others in the UK, this is an important moment, a moment of sorrow, a moment of utter sadness and even I have to admit that you should respect the sheer achievement that Queen Elizabeth had done over the years, I mean reigning for 70 years is no mean feet and not sure if that will ever be repeated, well not in my lifetime anyway! To understand my reasons for thinking that the royal family is well past it's sell by date, you would need to take a trip into their history and whilst I'll admit, there are some good moments but there are a hell of a lot more bad moments that a lot of people would care not to admit. Such as how the royal family came to be, how they amassed a massive fortune off the backs of many immigrants from within the Commonwealth, the West Indies and so on and so on. Slavery is not the one I'm afraid and most definitely should not be forgotten as this horrid enslavement practice still takes place today.

I'm not going to drown on about slavery as it is for you to go and do your own research and not to simply take my word for it and nothing wrong with further educating yourself in the process! The second reason which I have slightly touched on as to why some people are not losing any sleep at Queen Elizabeth's passing is due to the fact that they do not believe in the monarchy, some will say that they have done nothing for them and let us not forget how many millions the royal family rake in off the tax payer every year. Why this still goes on is a mystery to me because simply put I also agree with those who simply do not see the point in them, especially when you see what the majority of them get up to from time to time and I am referring to numerous incidents or situations where the law seems to not apply to them unlike you and I. Let's not forget Prince Andrew and his disgusting habit but I won't say any more on that man. There will be many people shouting that the royal family have done loads for numerous charities, well considering the fact by going over their history, they have made countless lives poor in the making of the British Empire, that's the least they can do but no amount of good deeds or countless hours they have put into establishing or supporting various charities will make up for the amount of bloodshed which took place through the expansion of the British Empire or the slave trade.

Putting that all aside for the moment, she was a wonderful woman in her own right and will be an incredibly hard act to follow and just recently King Charles has already rowed back on one of her previous acts in stripping Prince Andrew of his royal duties, etc, etc by giving him back his duties! Jesus, that didn't take him long at all! Queen Elizabeth has seen quite a lot in her life time, two great wars, met with numerous prime ministers both here and from numerous countries around the world. Even had to deal with meeting and entertaining Donald Trump! So I will end off by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with her family as let us not forget that she was not only the Queen but a mother as well as a grandmother, a human being who was loved by millions and not just in the UK.

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